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I would highly recommend Trupanion! Bottom line we were very lucky that we decided to go with pet insurance on our new pups. In less than 7 months we have had to use it twice for our older pup, Bosco who will be only 1 year old this week. The first time was to have two puppy teeth pulled when they refuse to come out! The second and more significant was to have a growth removed on his umbilical hernia. (Later diagnosis as calcinosis circumscripta). Then Bosco developed an infection at the surgical site which added to the over cost of this procedure between having the infection cultured and then the antibiotics.
I opted to secure “pre-approval” for each surgery. That helped with the claim process. Both times, the claims where processed quickly and if Trupanion had any questions they kept me informed and were easily available and quick to respond if I had questions!

I am very pleased and fortunate to have Trupanion! Believe it or not calcinosis circumstripta is a condition that can come back and future growths may need to be surgically removed! We have the peace of mind to know Bosco is covered!

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Calcinoisis Circumscripta
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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