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I was very grateful to have been able to ensure both my cats with PETPLAN when they were close to age 12, after having them ensured since kitties with another company that did not work for me. Fluffy began to have problems about six months after I ensured her. A year later, after several expensive tests, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Since then, she has been in treatment for this condition which includes chemotherapy in pills and another med and periodic blood tests. The treatment for Lymphoma is very expensive and PETPLAN has paid, after my deductible and copayment, for every veterinary bill, tests, and chemotherapy to the fullest. Fluffy is doing as well as expected because of PETPLAN. Fluffy and my other cat are very important to me and my family. If I would not have PETPLAN I would have not been able to provide Fluffy with the quality treatment she is receiving. Probably, she would have been gone by now. It would have been devastated to me to have to let her go, because lack of funds. PETPLAN staff have been very professional every time I needed to speak to them. PETPLAN had mailed to me promptly the reimbursement for the bills submitted. I highly recommend PETPLAN.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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