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When we brought home our goldendoodle we immediately signed her up for coverage. I did a lot of research on the various options because we had VPI with our last dog and it was not good. I asked about the standard insurance and the wellness option. the representative said that I could add and remove the wellness option at any time. I did not submit any claims on my puppies shots or other wellness visits but I did submit the claim for her spaying. when i called to remove the wellness option after her procedure the rep said that I had to wait a fulll year. this was contradictory from the original sales person. The rep said she checked the call recordings and that the rep didn't give me that information. this is incorrect. I would not have signed up for the wellness option if I had been told this rule. I immediately cancelled this insurance because i do not prefer to do business with dishonest companies. I love my pets like family and want them to be protected by the most reputable company.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/04/2013

You have to read the ENTIRE policy and the ENTIRE website, for this and ALL insurers. IF you had, you would have seen that once something is added, it cannot be removed until after the policy year is complete (from when you first added it). Gotta read the fine print!

Posted: 04/24/2013

Hi Laurie, our BestWellness routine care coverage is just $22 per month and offers up to $480 in annual benefits for dogs immediately after the 14-day waiting period, so pet owners can take advantage of it right away, as you did with your dog’s spay surgery. Because the benefits are available upfront, BestWellness can only be removed at annual renewal.
Our Application Agreement is available at and we also offer complete plan details on our website, including routine care coverage details at