Thank you PetPlan!

Out of 10

I have four rescue pugs, and I would not be able to afford them if it wasn't for PetPlan. When I adopted these dogs after my older pugs died, I thought- this time I'm getting pet insurance! Vet care is getting as costly as human care with their sophisticated tests and procedures.
I'm so glad I did. Right after I adopted them, one of the pugs had a bladder infection and we think "sludge" or stones. He definitely would have died if not for the vet intervention. Then he had another infection a few months later. We are now taking an aggressive preventive course with food and meds but I am so grateful for this insurance. Frankly, it is MUCH better service than my own medical insurance. The forms are easy to fill out, fax in, I'm notified by email that they are processing my claim, and then a check in the mail! So quick!

I can't recommend this company enough. The people have been courteous and professional on the phone, and the service is the best.

Thank you PetPlan, I count you as saving my pug, Walter, too.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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