A snowball of illnesses for my dog

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When my pug was about 5yrs old, he was diagnosed with a mass cell tumor…before I signed on with Petplan. The price of the surgery for removing that tumor and the others that followed led me to research insurance companies. Although all the carriers I looked into didn't cover pre-existing conditions, I figured it'd be worth it in case something else happened.
Well, since then my almost 9yr old dog has gone blind (Petplan covered some of the diagnosis costs), he had his gallbladder removed (Petplan covered 80% of the almost $6k bill for that surgery), he was hospitalized with pancreatitis (plan covered 80% of the almost $3k bill) and has now been diagnosed as diabetic...hopefully it's temporary though until his pancreas is back to 100%.

CONS: I submitted both a claim and a pre-authorization to Petplan on 3/22/13 (in the morning) regarding the gallbladder surgery. Pre-auths take up to 3 days (per the site/form) and the vet wanted to have the operation on 3/29 to limit the chance of it rupturing. So when I didn’t see the pre-auth in my online account and since I didn’t receive a follow up call with questions or anything, I called them. They told me both forms were processed as claims, even though the form states pre-authorization. I do take some of the blame since I faxed an invoice out of order. So the pre-auth looked like it had an invoice attached to it. But I just wish that they had called. If there was any doubt or confusion, I feel like they should’ve called me fo

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gall bladder
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