Wouldn't be without Healthy Paws!

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Unfortunately, we've had to make a couple of expensive surgical claims on our pet. With Healthy Paws, unlike some other companies, there is no hassle, no second guessing, and no representative telling you that your vet charged too much and they will only pay what is "customary" for that procedure. We live in Iowa, for Pete's sake! Vet prices here are typically lower than in surrounding states. We actually had another company stop reimbursement in the middle of treatment on one of our other dogs because the policy renewal time came around, and the illness was then considered pre-existing for the new policy term. That's when we found Healthy Paws for our newest family member. Seriously, you won't find a company with better customer service, more caring representatives, and faster reimbursement. We hope to never have to use the insurance on our dogs; but we will never be without Healthy Paws, just in case.

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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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