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Healthy Paws insured my cat Grady without qualification in 4/2012 when he was 11 years old. our first claim was made in 8/2012 when Grady was sadly diagnosed with a form of stomach cancer with a prognosis of about one year. We took him through a series of of about 14 vet visits and hospitalizations which due to our amazing doctors, stabilized his condition until last month. During this time my vets submitted claims to Healthy Paws which were immediately acknowledged and paid within 2-3 days without fail. They even picked up on an unpaid bill that I had not tracked. I always received letters of concern about Grady's health. Today, after his passing last week, we received a sympathy card with a note from all the staff. Their total recognition of our difficult times and ease of processing claims helped smooth out our last months with Grady.
How much more kind and caring can a company be? Healthy Paws sets out to be of service to pet owners in their time of greatest need and have gone beyond fulfilling their mission with personal attention and genuine concern for all their clients. I have only the highest praise for their business. It would be utopia if more businesses would follow their model.
Deepest thanks to Healthy Paws.

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Over $1000

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Over 8 years

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