Healthy Paws Exceeds Expectations

Out of 10

Healthy Paws Insurance is the way to go! Our plan is a low $100 deductible and a high 90% reimbursement for only $35 per month. That monthly fee has paid for itself over and over again in reimbursements. You never expect your puppy to need it so young, but our 10-month old Havanese was injured and compressed a growth plate in his leg and needed a $2400 surgery to repair it. Healthy Paws reimbursed the surgery and medications at 90% - and the check was in my mailbox within a couple of days after filing the claim. Their claim filing process is very easy and they keep you informed of the status of your claim, often processing it within minutes of receipt. And then they always go the extra mile and send an email to check in on our pup after a few days. It's a nice touch. I recommend them to everyone I know with pets. We couldn't be more pleased or impressed with this company!

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Leg Injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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