My Hairy Little Son, Bailey!

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My hairy little son, Bailey was admitted to Valley Cottage Animal Hospital in New York on Friday, 25 January 2013 due to extreme vomiting. The doctors discovered he ingested a dense circular foreign object. Mind you, he weighs less than 7lbs., how he ever swallowed such a large object is a mystery. Bailey was prepped for surgery the next day, however during surgery the doctor was unable to locate the foreign object appearing in the xray taken less than an our before the surgery. A specialist was brought in and he applied a bit of air in Bailey’s stomach, they ultimately found the object in the lining of his stomach. It was only a matter of time before the object caused a major obstruction. Since the object was fairly large Bailey had to undergo a second surgery to remove the object.
The object was removed successfully and after a two- week stay in the hospital Bailey is slowly on the mends. He recently had another vomiting episode which the doctors are now monitoring again. Mostly likely residual from the two surgeries causing sensitivity issues with his stomach.

Thank you to my extended PetPlan family!

Special thank you to Amy Bellingrath who demonstrated so much compassion when I called about Bailey's claim. She showed so much love for an animal she has never met and made me feel at ease by allowing me to express how worried I was about my little hairy son!
xoxo Melinda Borges, New York

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