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First, I'd like to thank VPI Pet Insurance for all the cyber support offered that makes the process of filing claims, so easy and "unstresful". The first time I decided to buy health insurance for my baby Rottweiler, Bella Nyota was in 2010 when I got her from the breeder and brought her home, my first large breed pet ever. A few weeks after I got her Bella began, like a young child, getting into different accidents, one after the other. Even after jumping into the lake for a swim, Bella came out of the water with a huge gash that we still, to this day, wonder how could she had possibly done that when we never saw rocks or anything else for that matter in the water. Anyway, I began to worry, I was concerned VPI sooner or later was going to cancel my policy because all the claims I keep submitting. Bella is finally growing into an almost "accident free" young teenager, lol. Last year, 2012, I believe I only file a couple claims for routine visits more or less. January 1st of this year 2013 I adopted Leila, this tiny sweet face Pomeranian. In February 11th 2013 Leila as usual, jumped off the couch on to the carpeted floor and immediately she went ballistic crying with high pitch cry that broke our hearts. We took her to the vet and surgery was scheduled for two days later. After spending almost $3,000 I began to feel very concerned thinking VPI was going to denied my claim for whatever reason or perhaps maybe because I only had Leila for a little over a month, I don't know I

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bone (elbow) fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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