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My dog got into some acetaminophen and had to be transferred from our normal vet to a 24-hour veterinary hospital. This was my first claim since insuring him and I couldn't have been more pleased. When I called to verify benefits, the person I spoke with was very polite, helpful and also expressed concern for my pet (maybe I've become jaded, but I wasn't even expecting that). Since this was our first claim, it took about 10 days to get everything finalized, but the follow-up claims I've submitted since then have been approved within hours. The thing that initially attracted me to this company was that they didn't have annual maximums for coverage, but covered a percentage with no maximums. Hip dysplasia and hereditary conditions are also covered, which is pretty rare. Most importantly, they are very clear about exactly what is covered and what is not and I did not have any surprises when I received my Explanation of Benefits. I have recommended them to all of my family and friends and would strongly encourage you to go with this company.

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Acetaminophen Toxicity
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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