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Jackson began coughing violently and gagging then swallowing rapidly. We took him to the emergency vet in Richmond and he sedated him to look down his throat to see if there was a blockage. There was no blockage but his right tonsil was inflamed. They xrayed him to see if he had swallowed something ,but that was all clear. The thought was that he had an allergic reaction to an unknown substance. Could have been a spot cleaner used to clean a carpet spot that afternoon. We were very lucky and he has been fine since. I submitted the claim to ASPCA insurance by mail and I think it was only a couple of weeks that I received a check that covered most of the Vet bill. We were so thrilled and pleased with the way we were treated. I just received a call from a woman with ASPCA insurance checking to see if we needed anything or if she could answer any questions re: the insurance. She was just so nice and it was like talking to a family member. Cant say enough nice things about the pet insurance we have for Jackson. Thank you to everyone.

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Coughing, gagging possible Allergic reaction to something
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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