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During a dental procedure (not covered) a problem was found that required a biospy and extensive blood work with rather inconclusive results but pointing to a hypesensitivty to unknown source (have since changed to hypo food)so in other words, her immune system is out of whack causing ulcers on the back of her throat. My issue is despite the vet diagnosis, Embrace was quick to attribute this to dental and thus not cover. My concern here is not the money but Embrace making its own diagnosis contrary to the vet (who is the professional) and says this is NOT dental related. As this may be an ongoing problem, until Embrace recognizes my vet's diagnosis, any future bills attributed to this condition will not be covered as the company continues to call it dental. If have been waiting weeks to hear back on whether they will recognize this condition correctly or not. It makes me question the validity of the insurance and the willingness of the company to listen to the vet. it makes me hesitant to recommend this insurance at this time. (Ironically the condition they are saying she has is a common condition with King Charles Spaniels...not her breed.)

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$500 - $1000


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1 - 8

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