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There are many scam pet insurance companies that gladly take your premium but will find any way possible to avoid paying claims. So when I decided to look into the possibility of getting pet insurance, I was very careful and I did quite a bit of research. In my research, it was Embrace that consistently came up with the best reviews both by policyholders but also by independent reviewers. I also really liked the variety of plans and that they pay claims based on the cost of the vet bill instead of "reasonable and customary" charges. I took the leap and decided to try Embrace. I have loved them from the start. They are always nice and friendly. Then my cat developed a blockage and when I needed Embrace most, they were there for me on the phone. I even called after hours while rushing my cat to the vet and they answered and helped me even though it was time for that particular person to go home. Unfortunately I didn't get her name but she was wonderful and assured me that Embrace would be there for me.
After all the medical bills, I waited a bit worried wondering if Embrace would be like so many typical pet insurance companies and try to get out of the claim. Embrace stayed in touch with me while the claim was being reviewed to let me know that they were looking at it - even though they had not reached their estimated turn-around time, they still stayed in touch with me (without me prompting) to make sure that I knew they were working on it. Today I received my EOB

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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