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I've had four dogs covered on Pet Plan and have been with the company for at least five years. Before then I had various other insurance companies, all of which hardly ever answered the phone or covered a thing. All of my dogs are working dogs that also compete in sports. Being working dogs and athletes, they get their fair share of bumps and bruises as well as serious orthopedic complications. Pet Plan has thus far covered a shoulder surgery, a carpus reconstruction, nerve damage, flesh necrosis from a spider bite, a cyst removal surgery, a joint infection, a mysterious bacterial infection, hundreds of stitches, numerous overnight hospital stays and countless trips to the vet for allergies, hotspots, fox tails, food poisoning and all the other things active dogs get into. They even pre-approved a surgery for elbow dysplasia, a condition that most insurance companies won't touch! Oh, and I forgot, they also covered a leg brace which would not have been deemed necessary by any other insurance company since its purpose was preventative rather than curative. All in all, I think that in the last 5 years they've covered just about 25K in vet costs, and thats on the low side. I owe my dogs health and well being (and my sanity) to this company! I own a working dog business and recommend them to all my colleagues and customers and those that have followed my advice have been equally satisfied.

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shoulder surgery
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Over $1000

Dutch Shepherds

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1 - 8

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