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First of all - SAVE ALL your Vet Receipts- No matter how long you collect them! Thank God I had gotten health insurance for Bella in April a couple yrs. ago. Didn't think I would EVER NEED IT! But the day before Thanksgiving Day she woke up vomiting, shaking, wouldn't eat or drink, seemed very painful…couldn't walk,sit, or lay down. she wouldn't go potty outside and just did it on herself in her dog bed. Her eyes looked blank as if she looked through me not at me. I immediately rushed her into the vets office and on Thanksgiving Day Dr. Moffat spent his holiday there with Bella helping her to stay alive and testing her for diseases. He called me later that day and told us she had Addison Disease and almost died. After all her bills and continual medication costs I spoke to Petplan on what to do. I mailed in so many receipts and after a few weeks of getting all the receipts and speaking with the claims manager she had the check made out for almost $4,000 and mailed to us right away! Thank You Petplan for being a GREAT Health Plan for our Bella!

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Addison Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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