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I adopted a dog and was given a gift of insurance, when I called the following day to active his microchip, I bought the full coverage insurance luckily.... Or so I had thought. After two days of having my dog I took him to the vet because his face and gums were pale and he was barely moving. Come to find out he needs a blood transfusion and to be on medication for an unknown amount of time. I called prior to filling out the claim paperwork and was told this would be covered. GREAT! I thought. So now three months later I recieve a letter in the mail stating they do not cover this. I called to speak to someone because I had been told this would be covered. The answer I was given was we only cover basic things like parvo, intestinal problems, mange, respitory issues, and allergies. So for me this was worthless and a waste of money.

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1 - 8

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Posted: 02/18/2014

I have 24petwatch on all my cats. Always have. My experience is that they are very helpful and pay quite a lot for diseases and surgery.
What they pay for and how much they pay totally depends on what policy you have. My guess is that there was some confusion when you first called them so they said they covered it and when you went to make a claim, they saw what policy you had and said sorry... Granted, this is messed up but sh*t happens.

Sorry about your dog.