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We have received two checks from Embrace - each for immunizations. Luckily, we have had no illnesses or emergencies since enrolling our almost 2 year old Chinese Crested, Grace. My only concern addresses the exclusion that we were given when we made the decision to have an orthopedic exam done so that Grace could be covered immediately for any type of issue that she might develop. She had shown no orthopedic issues nor were we concerned. Our vet gave her a 1 point below perfect rating stating that she had luxating patellas. She said that she doubted we were ever have a problem with this, but being totally honest and thorough, she felt that was the most correct rating. We were disappointed to receive a letter stating that Grace would not be covered for any orthopedic problems in the future due to this rating. I appealed this decision stating that had we NOT had her tested and had waited for the time period with no problems she would be covered. My appeal was denied. I am not sure we will remain with Embrace after this year. The insurance is expensive if future major issues will not be covered.

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