Definitely get the Wellness rider

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When we got our first dog my dog owner friends all told me to get her insured right away. I've only had cats and never even heard of getting insurance for them. But I took my friend's advice, shopped around and chose Embrace. I liked what I read and I also liked that they were a local (Midwestern) company. So far so good. It took me a while to understand what the "wellness" portion covered and what the "insurance" portion covered, now that I've got that figured out, it's all good. We use the Wellness portion more... for routine exams, shots, flea & heartworm meds and even nail trimming, we have a tooth cleaning coming up soon and it will pay for that too...anything that is considered prevention. And you get reimbursed in full.
We've only had to use the insurance part a couple of times for an illness and an injury, and that's not as good because it usually just goes to your deductible. When it will pay off is when we (heaven forbid) have a major expense with our doggie. Hope we never have to find out,but it's good to have just in case. Sometimes it takes a little long to get the claim through, other times it's really fast. Guess it just depends on their volume. Laura is good and always checks in to make sure we received our check. If you are considering Embrace Insurance, I'd say go for it!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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