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We adopted a cat from a local shelter that offered the complimentary gift of insurance for 30 days. 5 days after bringing Cheddar home he stopped eating after vomiting. He was given a work up to rule out a foreign body which he fortunately did not have lodged anywhere. The company refuses to pay the bill because he did not have anything lodged that needed to be removed. What a scam!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/13/2013

How can you call this a scam? What were you scammed out of? It was free... you said so yourself.

Posted: 09/11/2013

If a foreign body isn't detected then why would they pay you for it under that coverage option? Seems to me you really need to read legal documents and if there's something you don't get, call the company. Not at fault of the company for YOU not understanding.

Posted: 04/10/2013

I have had this insurance for over 8 years now and they have been great. You just have to understand the policy. The policy does cover "foreign body ingestion". It was not paid out b/c there was no ingestion of a foreign body. I hope your cat is ok and thankfully he didn't require surgery to remove anything, but it's not fair to discredit the provider because of a misenterpretation of coverage.

Posted: 04/10/2013

I had this gift of insurance when I got my cat from the shelter. It is a free gift to cover for conditions that can be transmitted from shelters and a few additional illnesses. It's free and clearly states what it does and doesn't cover. Don't call it a scam if you didn't read what was covered.