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I agree Dee, Banfield is awful! We took our 8-month-old kitten into the Banfield at 12901 N I H 35 in Austin TX a little over two years ago because he got something on his eye that we could not get off. Banfield told us it would cost over $1000 dollars to have it surgically removed and if we did not then he was going to lose his eye. We were very concerned at this point but could not pay that kind of money at the time and they refused to allow me to make payments. The doctor gave me the biggest guilt trip actually yelling at me and saying I must not care about my kitten if I could not pay what it took to save his eye. I will never forget how she treated us and based on her hard sell behavior, cannot imagine how she would have neglected our baby. What concerned us the most about our experience with Banfield was how the doctor was more concerned about how she was going to get her money than the life of the animal she gave the impression she cared about. We took him to a real vet for a second opinion. They were able to remove the debris from his eye for only $250 dollars, which they allowed us to make payments for over a period of four weeks, and he has been fine since then. Our vet also told us that he would not have lost his eye. Many vets are aware of Banfields deceptive tactics to their customers and do not recommend them to their clients. I can certainly see why. Roger S sounds very much like a Banfield employee. What I find ironic is how employees are able to submit commen

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 03/06/2013

Not all of the Banfield Vets are bad. It depends on where you take your pets. I have taken pets to two different Banfields; one was awful and the other was great. I don't always agree with their payment methods and there are other options available when their payments seem high; then I choose to go to the other Vet. The Vets at the Banfield that I go to are wonderful and they will inform me of the options I have.