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I have had a policy with this insurance company for two years now, specifically, their Preferred Plus with Routine 400. I pay $106.95/month for two dogs. I adopted two dogs from a shelter two years ago and both have recurrent health problems. During the first year, I brought them to the hospital several times and PetFirst reimbursed me a total of $866.30 for accidents/illnesses. They also reimbursed me a total of $666.40 for wellness (flea/tick prevention, vaccinations, routine exam, screening, etc.) The policy also covers $75 worth of behavioral dog training per dog, so I always schedule a session every year. I have absolutely no complaints and doubt I will ever have any in the near future. They are very direct and honest about what they will and will not cover. It is fairly easy to process a claim and it takes a few weeks for them to process the claim upon receipt. I have called them a few times and the customer service is excellent. I only have a $100 deductible but the maximum coverage amount for accidents/illnesses is $15,000/year. I highly recommend this pet insurance company for owners who recently adopted a dog from a shelter.

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Ear Problem

Eye problem



Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
Under a year

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