a horrible insurance company!

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i have had vpi pet insurance for my pets for over 8 years. i must say i am not pleased! i have the older plan, which is a $50 deductible for each new incident. in any case my dog was initially diagnosed with a cystitis, turns out it was pyometra. the incidents were related. i brought some some medication from the vet for her, about a week later she wasn't getting better so i brought her to the vet and had blood work done. we were sent right to the specialty hospital the same day and were told she must have surgery immediately after her sonogram results. the next day she had her surgery and came home. she made it. she's in execellent condition. anyways the claims were submitted. i'm sure my vet stated it was a suspected cystitis and that it ultimately turned out to be a pyometra. when i spoke with vpi prior to sumbitting my claim they stated that they would reimburse for her surgery, her labs, meds, and sonogram. when i called to find out what was going on with the claim they had the balls to tell me her diagnosis was a freaking cystitis. shame on vpi for trying not to pay out claims. i spend almost $1k a years for my girl's insurance and when she was younger she hardly got sick. but now that she's older vpi wants to play around. and with their new plan you pay an annual deductible and 80% of the pets bill is supposed to be paid. but what they don't tell you is that 80% of the fee plan for each diagnosis is what is actually paid, not 80% of the actual vet bill. please people

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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