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I switched to PetPlan a year ago from ASPCA insurance, based on all the glowing online reviews about their payment of claims, which was a big problem with ASPCA. Now I think I know why their claims payment is supposedly so excellent. I have not yet had to submit a claim for since my cat hasn't been sick so I can't review them on that. However, I want to verify what some other reviewers have said about their premium hikes. They suck you in as a new customer with attractive annual rates, then stick it to you with the renewal. And, they sneak the "new" rate into this Renewal Letter that you have to go into your online account to read. When I questioned why my premium had gone up so much after just one year with no claims, I was told it was because my pet was older (well duh, each year of course she'll be older), and veterinary "inflation" in my area. Oh, and if you move to a new part of the country, watch out because they'll get you there too. And now I'm probably stuck with PetPlan, because if it goes up next year my cat will be 12 and it will be difficult to get a new policy. I've had two pet insurers now, and it seems they either get you by screwing you on claims reimbursement, or on premiums.

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