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I have always insured my dog, just in case. Coming from the UK pet insurance is soooo much cheaper, so my husband begrudges paying for it in Canada. However, this proved invaluable as our puppy just contracted Parvo. Even though she had been given all her shots she caught it. It was great piece of mind knowing that she was covered, so the vets could give her whatever she needed to get better. Trupanion have a very easy claim form to fill out. I come from an insurance background so I know to read the T&C's to see exactly what is covered. The communication via email was excellent as it was timely and they didn't leave you wondering about what stage the claim is at. The only thing was that I received 2 claim emails and this was a little confusing as I thought all her treatment was the same claim. I emailed back to question this and they said I had two claims in. I called to query this and after 10 minutes on hold, was told it was an input error. However, when the claim came through they are treating it as 2 claims (Only one lot of excess though). Overall, it is great peace of mind to know that my fur babies are covered no matter what, to any amount, any number of times.

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