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I took out a pet plan policy in march 2009 to cover my dogs left leg after her right acl tore. I did extensive research and pet plan was one of the few that would even cover the second leg. I chose the bronze plan, $200 deductible/ condition 0% co insurance (ie 100% reimbursement after the deductible).
I didn't need to use it until Jan 2012. It is now Jan 2013. Here is what she needed done in the last year

- dental cleaning & X-rays recommended by vet - 400 reimbursed 200

- rectal polyp removal and histopathology - 900 reimbursed 700

- urinalysis, culture and sensitivity, and antibiotics (pyometra/uterine infection) - 475 reimbursed 275

- showing signs of heat previous visit was bleeding from vulva. She was 10yrs old spade at 12 weeks old. Needed to be tested for atypical cushing disease where sex hormones are elevated and has signs of cushings. .Continuing claim from pyometra. Need bloodwork and ultrasound - 950 - reimbursed 950 (because it was a continuation)

Plan renewed - new policy year deductibles reset.

- uterine stump was enlarged + found splenic mass needed another ultrasound to monitor both considered condition as splenic mass new deductible 155 credited for new contition from last ultrasound reimbursement - 214 reimbursed 110

-eyes checked - 200 reimbursement 0

-4th ultrasound to check splenic mass and uterine stump - 155 reimbursed 155

- increased water intake needed bloodwork to check cushings and organ function - 76

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Multiple - polyp, dental disease, atypicall cushings, splenic tumor, acl tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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