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I signed up for Embrace because of it's rankings and price. First had to do the ortho waiver which both of my pets passed with a clean bill of health. Then 3 weeks later, they asked us to contact our vet to have them fax the medical records. My complaint is, why didn't they have us do this when we did the ortho waiver(?) My vets complaint, understandably so, is why should he tie up his office staff even more faxing in the records when we were first there? Thus, he refused since he already gave the dogs a clean bill of health. Also, I saw in the fine print that after you send in the records, they will only be reviewed when a claim is filed UNLESS you request them to be reviewed earlier. This is definently a loophole for them to deny claims, and is a very ticky-tacky way to do business. Needless to say, I cancelled and went with another company.

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Posted: 02/04/2013

That's too bad Todd, we would have been more than willing to do a medical history review at the time the medical history came in if you had requested it.
Sincerely, Laura

Posted: 03/06/2013

Absolutely ridiculous that the vet balked at sending in the records. I work with human health insurance and I can assure you that the vet, by comparison, has NOTHING to complain about. I'd switch vets...