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I signed up both of my dogs with Healthy Paws in 2012. Their rates are not the cheapest ($55/month for 9 y/o maltese), but their coverage is great and their claims process is excellent. We have 90% coverage and $100 deductible for our maltese. She got Pancreatitis and was in a lot of pain. We took her to our general vet in Jersey City who referred us to the Blue Pearl in Manhattan. Vet services are significantly more expensive in the NYC metro area. She was admitted for 1 night in ICU and 1 night in general boarding. She had all kinds of ultrasounds, medicines and 24 hour supervision. After all was said and done and she was all better, our bills came out to $3551.00. Healthy Paws reimbursed us $2856.06 or 80%. This is below the 90% coverage that we have, but it is factoring in deductibles and things that are not covered, which were only the exam fees. Everything else was covered.
We had to send in all of our pets vet history when we were setting up the policy. That was the only difficult thing we had to do.
Once the claim was submitted, we had it approved the next day and check was received a few days later. Super fast.

Knowing that services are significantly more expensive where we live vs. somewhere in the midwest, my wife and I were expecting for the 90% coverage to be that of a national average or something of that sort, but that was not case. They reimbursed from our submitted invoices.

I looked up the coverage on the insurance offered through my employer (Yes

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