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We love our English Bulldog, but after he had surgery for a luxating patella, I realized that we weren't going to the dog park, petsmart or on car rides as much. His recovery has gone great, but I was worried about the financial implication of another injury. I got healthy paws in order to give myself and him our freedom and carefree attitudes back. Since then, he tore is CCL and had to have a TTA procedure to repair the leg. Healthy Paws was great throughout the whole experience. Whether it was providing the a list of pre-existing conditions (because of course a 4 year English has a vet chart more heavy than most mortgage documents) to the reps walking me through the vet diagnosis and our coverage, to faster processing time than my vet, I can't be happier with Healthy Paws. The hardest part of this has been convincing our dog that he has 4 more weeks of R&R before he can rejoin the rest of the neighborhood.

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CCL partial tear
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English Bulldog

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1 - 8

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