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I submitted a claim to be reviewed (my first one) and it took nearly 5 weeks to have the claim processed. Additionally, several weeks into the process, I received an email noting that Embrace needed medical history from another provider and they had not received the info. Therefore, they were going to cancel the claim for insufficient info if I did not produce that information within 4 days. Meanwhile, that was the first that I had heard of the missing info. Five minutes after receiving that email, I received another email conveying that they had received the info and my claim had been processed. To summarize, my first claim process was a disappointing experience, punctuated with poor communication and customer service, and I will think twice before adding my second cat to this insurance policy.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Under $100

Maine Coon

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/16/2013

Amy, I am so sorry it took us so long to get the vet records for your claim. I see we did get that all sorted out. If you do want to insure your second cat, we could do a medical history review for your second cat where we review everything before the first claim ever happens. That way, we'd get the chasing up of the vet records over with before you are waiting on a claim. Laura