Enabled us to save our dog.

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Our ten month old puppy slipped out the door, ran into traffic and was run over by an SUV. We got her to the emergency vet immediately and we were told the initial expenses would be around $8500. Since we had Embrace insurance, we asked them to try and save her. We pay $60 a month for an 80% reimbursement rate. $10,000 in vet care costs, one fixed puppy, and five weeks later, we have been reimbursed 80% of the bills as promised, minus the $200 deductible. The forms are extremely easy to understand and fill out, and the fact that they pay a set percentage of the bill instead of reviewing all the expenses to see what is allowed and disallowed has been a tremendous relief to us. As soon as we submitted the paperwork (just one simple form and a copy of a paid invoice from the vet) they kept in touch with us about the progress of the claim. The paperwork that we got informing us of our reimbursement was, again, very easy to understand. Thank you Embrace for coming through and enabling us to save our dog.I highly recommend them to anyone with a pet. You never know what will happen, and even if we pay $60 a month for the rest of our dog's life, it will still come out to less than what we have already been reimbursed.

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