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Our dog recently experience an unfortunate accident while out taking a walk. We suspected that he inhaled a foreign object or had broken off a stick in his nose. Bleeding, discomfort, and lots of unusual sneezing and nose twitching followed. Out vet upon examination recommended emergency care and possible surgery to remove the object. The cost just snowballed and quickly exceeded $3000.00 ($1500.00 for an MRI). Our experience with the Embrace claims process, was all and more than we expected when we researched and chose this insurance carrier. They were quick and efficient with good follow up.
Because of our policy with Embrace we were able to recover most of the cost incurred. We have just renewed our policy, and the low annual premium and deductible is totally worth the expense.

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nose problem/foreign object
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shorthaired Pointer

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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