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At two years old, we found that Gator had torn his cruciate ligament in both knees and required bilateral TPLO surgeries. Gator had his first surgery in May and his second surgery in August of 2012. The cost was around $4,500 for each knee. After spending over $10,000 on bilateral TPLO surgeries for my previous Newfie, Bear, needless to say, it was fantastic to know that Gator's surgeries were covered by his PetPlan insurance. My niece has a Pug that that had also torn a cruciate ligament several years ago but her AKC pet insurance plan denied the claim saying it was a congenital problem - how ridiculous is that! Gator's PetPlan insurance not only paid for both Gator's surgeries per my plan, but they also paid for the eight weeks of follow up rehabilitation using water treadmill therapy which cost close to another $1,000. All three claims were were paid quickly with very little effort on my part. Thank you PetPlan! You can be sure that Gator will be your client for life and so will every future pet I may have. I constantly recommend you to all my friends with furry kids as well as my vets and my students (I teach a Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog class at a local dog training school.)

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Torn cruciate ligament both knees
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