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My 4/yr/old Boxer, was found to have an anal tumor,chronic anal gland issues, and blew out his right cruciate ligament all during the month of December 2012. (Merry Christmas!) Two different veterinarians explained to me that the surgeries needed to be done sooner rather than later, as Rocky's good rear leg was taking additional stress from the overuse due to the bad right rear leg. Surgery was scheduled for 12/27. Thankfully the anal tumor turned out to be benign. Rocky's post op period started out a bit difficult, but he is now on the mend. He starts water treadmill therapy this week. He is expected to be fully functional on both legs before the snow melts for spring in Alaska. What a relief! I can not imagine having a large male Boxer crippled for life at the young age of 4 y/o had I not been able to afford his surgery and the worry of not knowing if a tumor was cancer. My customer service experience with H.P. was great. Everything regarding reimbursement at 90% for costs above the deductible (I selected the $500 annual deductible but there are lower amounts available at signup) was as stated in the plan. There were no surprises when I received the detailed outline of the reimbursement payment. When I first looked into pet insurance plans, I chose Healthy Paws because I could actually understand how the plan would work. It written in clear language and did not appear to have a lot of "gotchas". I did not expect to need pet insurance until Rocky aged, but sure am gla

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TPLO surgery for cruciate ligament repair, Analectomy, removed
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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