Horrible customer service

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I am sure this will not make it to the website as all the bad reviews seem to not be publicized. We have been with his company for a few years now. I ask each year to call personally with any changes since their emailing goes start to spam for some reason. Things have gone well until the policy doubled this year with new underwriter's. Ironically, no phone call! Just a very large charge to my credit card. When I called, customer service agreed they would be upset also! I have emailed the company and waiting for manager response. They eat lunch alot!

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policy renewal
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 02/04/2013

Hi Lisa, we’re sorry to hear you didn’t receive your renewal notices from us. Please add e-delivery@petsbest.com to your safe list to ensure you receive future emails.We recently transitioned to a new underwriter that reviewed actuarial data and adjusted our rates according to which pets are most likely to need veterinary care. Some older pets’ premiums increased, which others’ stayed the same or decreased. Please note that claims filing does not affect price.

Our new plans offer annual deductibles and a wide variety of coverage levels, so you can still have great coverage for your pet at a price that suits your budget. There isn’t enough information here to contact you directly, so please call us at 877-738-7237 or Live Chat with us at www.petsbest.com and we’ll be happy to go over your plan options.