My dog could have lost his eye.

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I came home from work one day to find my yellow lab, Jed, with his eye swollen shut and badly oozing. I rushed him to a 24 hour emergency vet clinic. The doctor looked in his eye and said there appeared to be something in it. The staff held him down while they tried to swab it out, but to no avail. They sent me home with medicine and told me to come in the next day. They said if it got worse, he would have to go to an eye specialist. Distraught, I returned home and put the medicine in his eye as directed. The next morning I called my own vet clinic to tell them what had happened. They urged me to not wait for the afternoon appointment with the other clinic but to bring him in right away. When I brought him in, they verfied that he did indeed have something in his eye. They told me I had to get him to an eye specialist right away. We live a ferry ride away from Seattle where the nearest specialist was - a 1 1/2 hour trip one way at best. They arranged an appointment with me for that afternoon. I boarded the ferry with Jed and we made our way to the clinic. Once there, the doctor looked at Jed's eye and said he had something in it. He took him in the back room and came out 3 minutes later. He showed me a card on which he had taped a tiny dot. He said that tiny dot was plant material that had burrowed into Jed's eye. In another 24 hours, had I waited, he would have needed surgery to remove it and could have possibly have lost his eye. As it was, Jed had to wear

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Eye problem

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$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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Posted: 01/05/2013

No comments as to any experience with pet insurance, which is why I'm on this site. Happy your dog was quickly diagnosed and treated.

Posted: 01/13/2013

This is not a review if the insurance company; it only comments on the vets that she went to, nothing to do with insurance at all.