Horrific experience at Banfield clinic in Petsmart

Out of 10

Arrived as a walk-in to the Chesapeake Square Mall Banfield clinic inside Petsmart today at 11:30 am. I was told they were booked up on walkins: I said "please - it's christmas" and Crystal, the "customer service rep" snipped "don't pull that one"...unbelievably rude, and shouldn't be in her role. I'd fire her in a NY second and get someone on the front lines who has good customer service skills. This girl doesn't measure up. I went home only to return at 1:30 pm. Arrived back promptly at 1:30, and was told they couldn't take my pet. At this point, I was losing patience. I asked to speak with the manager. The girls working the intake desk were rude and lacked customer service skills. I had planned to sign up for the wellness plan, but the whole experience left such a sour taste in my mouth. The icing on the cake was when one of the girls said to me,"we"ll try to get you in before 5:09pm, but if its after 5:00pm, there will be an after hours few". (You're kidding me, right??) At this point, I had to sit down - I couldn't believe this Banfield Clinix was so poorly run. Another older woman approached me and told me she couldn't help but overhear about how long I had been waiting -- she remarked she was livid and had waited 3 hours just to get a prescription! I was all ready to sign up for the wellness plan, but decided against it after the horrific experience I endured. Banfield top management should be ashamed they run such a company -- somebody needs to m

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