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Having had paid for many vet visits with previous dogs, we were quick to purchase VPI insurance for our 2 month old pitbull/chocolate lab/chihuahua mix (yes, really, that's his mix) the minute we got him. Honestly, our first experience with VPI wasn't that great. When our dog was about 6 months old he tore his ACL, which we understand is pretty common in puppies as they're so playful and don't fully know how to land correctly. After our vet said he may need surgery, i called VPI to find out what our coverage would be. Well, the insurance plans covers everything BUT torn ACLs for policies under a year old. We were told that we would be responsible for 100% of the surgery costs should he need surgery. Thankfully, the doctor decided against it (due to his age and hoping he'd self heal). A couple of months ago Kai hurt his foot and needed x-rays done. The doctor warned us that it could get expensive, to which i replied, "well, he needs it and hopefully the insurance will cover some of it." The next day i submitted the doctors report and payment receipt to VPI and within 3 weeks received a reimbursement check for the full amount (minus our deductible and tax). Thats it. Easy peasy. The breakdown of what they reimbursed us for was clearly outlined on the report. The process was surprisingly painless and efficient. Overall, the service from VPI has been nothing short of great. I just wish what they DONT cover was clearly written somewhere. Read your policy covera

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foot injury
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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