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After paying enormous vet bills during the illness of one of my dogs I promised myself that all of my future dogs would have insurance coverage. After a lot of research I selected PetPlan because it seemed to offer the best coverage at a reasonable price. Accordinly, I insured my other dog and when we adopted a puppy mill rescue I also insured her. I was comforted knowing that even though it was unlikely a catastrophic illness could happen to another of my pets I was financially prepared. I believed that lightning couldn't possibly strike twice -- but it did. One day I noticed that my puppy mill rescue had bled from her mouth ever so slightly during the night. I took her to the vet's expecting to be told that she had a problem with her mouth. I was stunned when I was told that not only was she bleeding from her mouth but from all over her body. Her platelet count was dangerously low and the vet diagnosed her with Immune-Mediated Thromboocytopenia (IMT). At that point the vet was very concerned about saving her life. One minute I had a healthy dog and the next I was fighting to save her life. I cannot tell you how reassuring it was for me to know that my dog had insurance and that I wouldn't have to forego any possible treatment or test because of finances, or that I wouldn't need to borrow more money on our home equity line of credit. My little dog has responded to treatment and I am hopeful for her future. PetPlan was awesome. They paid the claim promptly and without

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