Aventura, Florida Banfield is Excellent

Out of 10

If you can't afford $150 to $300 that it usually costs to walk in and walk out of a vet practice, then Banfield is a good option because you pay monthly starting at about $26 for a dog and you can have unlimited exams. This means that if you're concerned about something, like you find a fatty tumor or the dog is butt scooting, for example, you can go in and have the dog examined- no problem. The location I use in Aventura (Miami area right below the Broward County line- very urban and serves Miami-Ft. Lauderdale residents) is very clean, bright, cheerful and professional. They have never treated my dog like they were preoccupied or unconcerned. They've been very thorough and patient. Now, about these complaints that you have to keep paying even if your pet dies or you give it away- these people don't understand that you are PAYING OFF services you've already used, such as vaccinations. At most vets, just a yearly exam and vaccines costs around $250. You're paying more at Banfield over a year than that, but you also get unlimited access to a vet without office visit charges. You pay additional for meds and surgeries, but you get a discount. The hours are very convenient, and you have Petsmart there for the convenience of shopping. I had a very bad experience with Banfield with another dog when she had an emergency. The vet, who's no longer there, was rushed and unsympathetic, and no one had even explained that you can go on a plan and get comprehensive services right a

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Preventative Care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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