I wish all insurance companies were like Embrace!

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Our very athletic Greater Swiss Mountain Dog came up lame last July. After several x-rays and examinations, it was determined to be tendonitis. After crate rest and keeping her still for several weeks, it still was not going away. We took her to a orthopedic rehabilitation vet who prescribed several weeks of therapy using a variety of methods such as cold laser therapy, treadmill swimming, specialized exercises, chiropractic and massage. After our deductible was satisfied, Embrace covered everything. I wish my human insurance was as timely and efficient as Embrace is! They are GREAT! I've recommended them to many dog owners and new puppy owners and have only received 'thank you's' from them for letting them know about Embrace. Keep up the great work and high standards Embrace! I have 3 Swissies with more coming and they will ALL be covered by Embrace.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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