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Our 3 year old Siberian Husky Zephyr woke my husband in the middle of the night and I heard a yell, "Come quick! Something's wrong!" There was a small pool of blood outside Zephyr's kennel as he had managed to neatly expel everything OUTSIDE his large kennel. However, it was dark red and smelled horrible. After cleaning up and trying to deodorize, I opened the patio door to let Zephyr back in the house only to see a few more puddles outside. While I thought I would wait until morning - avoiding after hours charges & trying to get a few more hours of sleep - things did not appear to be settling down. So I decided to take Zephyr to the local VCA Animal hospital - the best in the state & nationally acclaimed - knowing they would get to the bottom of this probably more efficiently than our local vet. It wasn't until I was paused at a stop light at 3:30am that I remembered we had Embrace pet insurance. Whew!! Now I was really happy I made the choice to go.
Upon getting to the hospital, we were seen immediately. Poor Zephyr was almost non-responsive and look very sad. The vet thought we should run a basic panel to start eliminating what might be the cause. Meanwhile, Zpehyr had lost so much fluid and blood, the decided it best to hook him up to IVs and get him hydrated. After tests came back negative, they suggested running an ultrasound to check for the possibility of an internal blockage. Now it was 7am. With a shaved belly and sleepy eyes, it did not look good for Z

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