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I am a new client of Pets Best and would like to share my experience filing a recent claim.
On December 10, 2012, I brought my Siamese cat, Violet, to my vet for her annual wellness check, where he noted an enlarged node in her jaw and two abnormal teeth. Upon extraction, he aspirated the lymph node and we were stunned to receive a diagnosis of metastatic carcinoma.

Within three weeks, she had to be euthanized, because a mass had invaded her upper jaw. When I submitted the relatively modest bills to Pets Best, they excluded the dental extractions, which were the bulk of the bill. They did cover the euthanasia and cancer medications. I received less than $250.00 back on a total bill of nearly $600.00. Part of that ($23.) was the result of a Level I appeal that I filed.

I will say that the representatives have been very nice, and the reimbursements were processed and received in a timely fashion. However, although everyone agrees that the abnormal teeth were a result of a tumor in the jaw, Pets Best has held fast to the position that NO dentistries are covered unless they involve broken or abcessed teeth needing extraction.

Ironically, had I opted to subject Violet to aggressive chemotherapy, involving thousands of dollars, it would have been covered. Yet, this brief catastrophic illness received only minimal reimbursement because of a policy that does not allow for any extenuating circumstances. Not only did I lose my cat, but I have spent time and energy di

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 04/19/2013

Dear Chryssa,
I went onto the website today and found your response to my
February comment. It would have been helpful had you sent a copy of your reponse to my e-mail account,, which Pets Best is quick to do when a policy renewal is upcoming. I am no longer going to fight for what was an evident link between Violet's dental abnormalities and her tumor. My veterinan has provided as much documentation as anyone should have needed to link the lymph node enlargement and dnetal abnormalities to the tumor that invaded her jaw and ultimately killed her.

Posted: 02/06/2013

Hi Judith, pet insurance is regulated in a way that doesn’t give us the luxury of wiggle room for unusual cases. You are correct that we cover dental needs due to trauma, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our BestWellness add-on can also help pay for annual dental cleanings.
We’re so sorry to hear about Violet’s sudden passing, and hope you’ll consider us again for future pets.

Posted: 02/06/2013

Pet Insurance Review ommitted the last portion of my review. "Not only did I lose my cat, but I have spent time and energy speaking with representatives and filing appeals. I have three other pets whom I enrolled at the same time as I did Violet and have a fourth, who is currently with another company. I had considered enrolling this pet when her current policy expires.
The unreasonable and rigid position of Pets Best in light of a catastrophic event with which the abnormal teeth were clearly a part of this lethal process has me considering the value of pet insurance if every possible loophole will be exploited to deny a claim.

Posted: 02/16/2013

Dear Chryssa,Thanks for your response, but I'm confused. If Violet's abnormal dental finding was due to a tumor pushing up through the jaw, it doesn't make sense that the extraction of the teeth was not covered. This was anything but a "routine" event and there is nothing anyone at Pets Best can say that alters that fact.

As for an add-on covering annual dental cleanings, I have three (now that Violet has died) pets insured at Pets Best. Why would I want to add to the cost for anything that's routine? As far as I'm concerned, Pets Best did not act in a reasonable or ethical fashion in Violet's case and your apology, though well-intentioned, doesn't compensate either for the unreimbursed cost of Violet's illness or for the stress of arguing this case with your company while dealing with her catastropic illness and death.

Posted: 03/01/2013

Hi Judith, our records show we haven’t received anything from your veterinarian indicating the dental issues were caused by the tumor. If you are able to provide this documentation, we will be happy to review your claim again.
Many pet owners choose to add the BestWellness routine care coverage in order to budget for routine needs throughout the year. BestWellness costs just $22 per month and offers up to $480 in annual benefits for dogs and $545 in annual benefits for cats, with no deductible to meet.

We’re glad to hear your other cats are still insured with us and look forward to helping with their future veterinary needs.