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I’ve had dogs most of my life, but I never insured them. Then in 2011 I lost my lovely labradoodle, Cezanne, to an obstruction at the young age of 5. Would I have taken her to the emergency vet when she started vomiting at 2 a.m. on a Sunday if I had insurance?
When I got my next puppy, a poodle-mix named Tag, I didn’t take any chances. I talked to friends and did research at Pet Insurance Review and found PetPlan. I figured it would be a waste of money, but I never wanted to have that doubt again.

In November 2012, my 10-month-old puppy started to have vomiting at midnight on a Sunday. When it didn’t stop after 45 minutes I took him to the emergency vet, who wasn’t sure of the problem, but gave him anti-nausea and antibiotic shots. The next morning Tag was barely responsive and I rushed him to my regular vet who diagnosed him with pneumonia. (His coughing was the cause of the vomiting.)

Tag was one sick puppy. He was in the hospital for three days. There was medication for weeks. He had to go back for several follow-up x-rays to check on his progress. In the end, the cost was over $1,500.

But instead of worrying about the bills, I spent my time loving on my puppy. I had PetPlan. The claims process was easy and I got the checks quickly. I had to call in several times about various issues and each Happiness Manager I talked to was more helpful than the last. One hiccup was that the initial vet didn’t diagnose Tag with pneumonia, so I had to pay two deductibles.

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