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My female Dobie was Dx with multiple disease states in August of 2011 at age 8. These included stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the rt. anal gland with 4+ lymph nodes, chronic adult hepatitis, & chronic UTI & went from 68 to 48 pounds in 5 months. She had lengthy successful surgery in September 2011, removing the rt. anal gland, 4 lymph nodes, 3 liver sections. She was hospitalized 4 nights including ICU post op. She also had a feeding tube placed for 2 months post-op & I fed her with Ensure 120ml per day via syringe. Her Tx includes Palladia, Ursodiol, Zinc Gluconate, & Cranberry extract. These are administered orally everyday with Palladia 3x weekly. She has had routine quarterly exams including abdominal ultrasound, chest film, CBC, & physical exam since Sept. 2011. In fact we just completed her last exam 11/21/12. Her Team of specialists including VPI have prolonged not only her life but importantly her quality of life. Today she is 2 weeks from her 9th birthday and a robust 70 pounds. I routinely recommend VPI to my friends and family members with pets. VPI offers very comprehensive coverage and reimbursement rates for extremely complicated cases like my Doberman. I strongly advocate VPI for you pet parents and for the life of your pet!

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