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I have been with 3 Pet Insurance company over the past 15 years..I was happy with Pet's Best which I still have with one of my dog's. I was told by my vet that this "new" company was even better so my "newest" dog got the "cadallic" of insurance plans with PetPlan. Cost me a monthly fortune but I know what vet bills for a very sick/injured dog can run. My problem, they take FOREVER to reimburse you on claims submitted. Their claim of fast reimbursements if false.
"Pet's Best" had my reimbursement direct deposited into my bank account within 4-5 days after receipt. I'm taking my 2nd dog to Pet's Best and inform my vet he needs to stop referring his customers to PetPlan..

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/01/2013

Maybe their claims service has been slow for you, but I wouldn't go out saying "Their claim of fast reimbursements is false" as a generalization of fact. I have been with Petplan for two years now and this year, unfortunately, I've had to put in claims for four different conditions -- but they have been fast every time! And this is even when their e-mail that acknowledges "receipt of claim" states that they are a bit backed up and it may take awhile to process. The most it has ever taken for me is 2 weeks but that is actually a very rare occurrence -- it usually takes less than that, and most recently for a large claim I got my check exactly 1 week after I submitted -- that just made my day!

They are always great on the phone, which I can't say about some of the other pet health insurance companies I did some test calls on before I signed up for Petplan.

The one thing I will give you: I do wish Petplan would institute a direct deposit plan. Not only would it be easier for all concerned (including saving paper and postage), but it would be faster for the client. But I forgive them on that because of all the other pluses.