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I have owned many dogs and cats through out my life never carried insurance on my pet. My last dog, Johnny was a rottie. Never had many health issues but had several emergency situations with him and I wished I had insurance. So when Johnny passed and we got a new puppy, another rottie first thing I did was get insurance. I chose VIP. I looked at many different ones and I felt for the premiums it was the best coverage. Well it was a good thing I got it because when he was 7 months old he had to have surgery. I submitted my claim and had a check for 65% of my cost. The check was received in 2 weeks. I was very pleased with my service and I guess my claim was complete because I was not asked for any additional information. I am very happy with VIP. I feel if I never make another claim that will be fine with me but just knowing I have good insurance gives me piece of mind. No insurance will cover everything 100%. I highly recommend VIP.

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Under a year

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