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I have had health insurance coverage for my feline and canine pets for over a decade and have tried a number of different pet insurance companies over the years. I discovered Healthy Paws about a year ago and for the first time I have experienced how wonderful and refreshing it feels to be working with a pet insurance company that personalizes communications with it's clients and genuinely cares about the well being of their companion animals. Not only is Healthy Paws amazingly efficient in the receipt and processing of pet insurance claims but they are unique in that they cover congenital conditions that certain pure bred animals may endure during their lifetime as well as not providing a lifetime reimbursement limit of claims per pet. This in itself sets this company apart from most others.
Our most recent claim involved an expensive surgical procedure to correct the congenitally stenotic nares of a Persian cat we had recently adopted in Colorado through Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. This condition had not until recently caused her to exhibit symptoms of respiratory distress. It progressed rather quickly, and was causing her an increasing amount of difficulty with breathing and thus inhibited her from being able to exercise and play with our other kitties. Because of the considerable financial assistance we received from Healthy Paws, our kitty was able to receive the best specialist veterinary care, surgery, as well as extensive diagnostic testing to rule out a

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Stenotic nares
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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