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we went to bandfield for a paw and came out with ear medication and a welness plan,we whent home that night after we had dinner and gave her the medication, she starts vomiting over and over again so we hurry up and take her to a 24 hour vet 2 1/2 hours away she vomited all the way there and that was $600 dollars then on top of that we just thought that she had a reaction to it but the prescription was too high and the way they told us to put it in was also wrong they gave her a mini schnauzer the medication for a German shepherd, they also told us to just squeeze it in to her ear not in drops just squeeze it. we also had to go up to our old vet 2 hours away for him to tell us they did something else wrong they didn’t even get the real probable he said if she would have come in 2 days later because she had such bad allergies he would have had to operate on her ears. so we go over and just wanted our money from the other vets expenses we had to I we went over to bandfield for a paw we come out with ear medication, and a wellness plan. we get do their job right and to cancel our plan they gave us 200 and we had about 1000 to be had they would not cancel the plan. Then they had the nerve to send us bill months later.

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Ear Problem

Skin problem



chiped nail
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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