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I was with VPI for about 6 years but they pay lousy and we switched to another company amazingly when my dog was 10yo. After all my research I narrowed it down to Trupanion, Healthy Paws and Petplan as the best for my senior dog. Narrowing further, and at least at that time in late 2010, I wasn't impressed with Trupanion's customer service, and Healthy Paws was just so new and untested.
Although not perfect on every point, Petplan became my choice and the process of inquiring about the plan was terrific -- their customer support is really top notch, and what impressed me the most is that their Head of Customer Service answered my call TWICE during this process AND he spent 45 minutes the first time and 20 minutes the second time. I mean, that's great customer service.

Fortunately, my dog had been mostly condition-free for her entire life, but at 11 problems started, primarily a malignant tumor and hypothyroid and, in both cases, Petplan has been terrific AND a lifesaver. I haven't even had to talk to them -- they never have a problem with what I've submitted (unlike VPI!), and I've never had a problem with reimbursement. As a matter of fact, I just paid $300+ for follow-up on the tumor and submitted to Petplan only 7 days ago, and today I got the reimbursement check! Given Petplan is on the East Coast (Philly) and with Hurricane Sandy, I wasn't expecting the check for at least another week. So, again, very impressive!

Unless one of their competitors changed th

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